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Wedding Makeup FAQs

When it comes to Wedding Makeup (and makeup in general) I get asked a lot of questions and decided to write a blog with some of the most common questions.

1. What foundation do you recommend for mature skin?

My personal favourite is definitely Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation. I wear this myself and it's a favourite of Mother of the Bride/Grooms. It's more of a tinted moisturiser and is lovely and dewy. I would avoid a matte finish Foundation or anything too heavy, especially around the eye area, for more mature skin.

2. What concealer would you recommend for under eye area?

Again, it's a Charlotte Tilbury product (there's a theme here, Charlotte knows her stuff). It's a relatively new product that launched last year, it's the Magic Away Concealer. This concealer is beautiful under the eye, it's very light and blends beautifully. It comes with a sponge applicator which is great for personal use.

3. How do you ensure foundation lasts all day for a wedding?

The key for this is in the prep before makeup is applied. Always ensure skin is hydrated and a suitable primer is used. My favourite products for doing this are Sonia Roselli Waterbalm and either Becca Cosmetics Backlight Primer or Illamasqua Hydraveil. Once a primer has been applied I like to spritz a bit of Mac Prep and Prime before foundation. I will then go on to set the foundation with a powdrer such as Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and finish with a spray of Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

4. What is your favourite foundation?

This is a hard one as it totally depends on the occasion and type of skin, coverage required etc. As I mentioned earlier my personal favourite is Light Wonder but in my kit I also use Armani Luminous Silk and Delilah Cosmetics Foundation for a medium coverage, or for full coverage Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation is amazing. For photoshoots I love using RCMA Foundation, this is a cream based foundation and has such a high pigment that only a little is required.

5. How can I make my lipstick last?

Again, prep is important here. Start with a good lip scrub if your lips are very dry, I love the Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum. Then use a good lip balm, my favourites are Nuxe or Dr Paw Paw. I prep the lips at the start when I am doing skin prep, then when I am ready to apply lipstick I will use lip balm again (if the lips are very dry) and Mac Lip Prep & Prime. I like to coat the lips in a lip liner all over before I apply lipstick to make it longer lasting. I do provide Brides with a top up lipstick but I always recommend to have your favourite one for top ups on the day.


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