Skincare Essentials

One of the most important factors to achieving flawless makeup, is skincare. Without a good skincare routine makeup will not apply or sit well on top of the skin.

Skincare can be so overwhelming, there are so many products out there to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

I believe in taking it back to the basics. Start with a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser then you can add the extras in to suit any skin concerns you may have. It can be tempting to buy into the latest fad or gizmo promising amazing results, but no product will completely erase fine lines or turn back the clock. Some products might be fast acting but I can guarantee it won't last!

I love Tropic ABC skincare collection, this is where I would start. You can choose from scented or unscented (for sensitive skin types). The beauty of this is you get a free face mask and bamboo cloth.

Once you determine your skin type or area of concern, then add in the serums and oils as needed. The full skincare collection is perfect for this, you get the ABC, a Face Mask, 2 serums of your choice (or 1 serum and 1 Skin Dream night cream). This is perfect if you want to invest in a good routine and you want to target a specific area of concern.

The full skincare collection can also be tailored to your needs so please do get in touch if you aren't sure what to go for. The link to the website is here

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