New Year New Start

Happy New Year. At the end of last year I decided to train in gel nails. It's something I never planned to do, but when COVID came along and I had to stop work (I didn't work from March to October) I had to rethink things.

I had started to offer wedding hair alongside Makeup which was great, so come October I could actually work (mobile hair was allowed while makeup wasn't in Scotland). But this wasn't enough to keep me going, so I decided to look into other options, then I came across The Gel Bottle.

I took The Gel Bottles Inc beginners Gel Polish course in October with Naf Salon in Glasgow and I haven't looked back since. I absolutely love doing nails, I was really busy in the run up to Christmas, and 2021 was looking good (until the next Lockdown came) but I am very optimistic and excited about whats to come this year with my nail tech journey.

After taking time out last year due to Covid, I had time to think and I realised how much I travel for Weddings so I knew I didn't want to be travelling to offer nails too, but my studio room at home was tiny so I looked into the option of having a studio in my garden.

My original plan was to renovate a vintage caravan for my salon but all the caravans I liked were in America and I worked out by the time I renovated it and got them brought over here it would be far too expensive.

I done some research and came across a local company, Signature Woodwork, who had recently built a garden room for a nail salon and it looked amazing. I decided to go for a slightly bigger size than I first planned so I could use it for Bridal Trials as well as nails.

The whole studio was built within 2 days, I was so impressed with how quickly it went up. Its finished to a high standard and I love spending time in my studio space.

Since the start of the New Year I have managed to complete a few online nail courses so I can now offer gel extensions as well as gel nails, it's a new system and is an alternative to acrylic nails. Thank you to everyone who has supported my nail tech journey so far.

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