My Tropic Skincare Routine

Last July I decided to join Tropic and started my journey with their skincare. I thought now would be a good time to give an update on how it's going since I last blogged about it here.

The above photo shows the before and after over the past 8 months. I first started my routine using the ABC (cleanser, toner and moisturiser) and starting adding in various serums and masks as needed.

My current routine is the ABC, Rainforest Dew, Skin Dream, Deep Hydration Mask and Eye Work and Eye Dream. I was using Pure Lagoon for a while to help with my pores and I regularly use Fruit Peel (once a week).

My skin has changed so much since July last year when I first started my routine with Tropic. I have much less redness and my skin is no longer dry and dehydrated. It looks and feels more plump and there has been a big difference in my under eye area.

I always advise Brides to be on getting into a skincare routine as early as possible before their wedding day. Makeup will only look flawless if there's good skincare to begin with. No amount of makeup will help if a good skincare routine isn't in place, and it will likely apply patchy and won't look great.

If you are looking for some advice and recommendations on a skincare routine and would like to know more about Tropic skincare, please do get in touch.

Disclaimer** I am not a dermatologist so I can only recommend products that I have used or know that work me or various clients, and not for any major skincare issues. See your Doctor in the first place if you are concerned about any skincare problems.

You can view the whole range of Tropic on my website here

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