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My Tropic Journey

Something I never thought I would do is sign up to a beauty business like Tropic! I have been approached many many times in the past from people to sign up to various beauty businesses (NuSkin, The Body Shop at Home and Younique to name a few) and I am always very sceptical.

So why Tropic? I first got introduced to Tropic last year through a friend of a friend who asked if I could review a few makeup products. I was sceptical as I knew it would consist of someone trying to recruit me but I was curious so I went to a party and used the makeup on a few guests and the skincare really caught my interest.

To me skincare is the most important part of makeup. You can have all the best makeup in the world, but if your skincare isn't there then the makeup just won't have the flawless finish that we all want. So I ordered the discovery set, a starter kit essentially, with cleanser, toner and moisturiser to try out.

I really liked it and did consider joining Tropic so that I could recommend these products to Brides to be. I send all my Brides a skincare guide with recommendations on how to get skin ready for their wedding day. The majority really take this guide on board and when it comes to the wedding day their skin is amazing and ready for the flawless makeup look they desire.

But, things got busy with work and I put all my time into that so Tropic went to the back of my mind. Roll on a year and an epidemic later, the time seemed right! I have really had time to sit back and think about how I work and realised I have been taking on too much work, and often wedding parties are for more than 6 people.

I tried to bring Assistants along when I could but one time I had to do it on my own as my assistant couldn't make it and it was so much pressure. I felt I had to rush the party and this is something I hate to do. I decided then that I wouldn't take on more than 4 but the bookings kept coming in and numbers kept getting added on. I hate to say no and let down a bride if they want to add on more. Then the cancellations came in due to Covid 19 and deposits paid back, I started to realise I need a Plan B.

Now, I am no sales person or influencer and that will continue to be the same. I will not be pushy or try to force Tropic onto anyone. I will only recommend products that I have used personally and that I love. If I don't love a product then it won't make the cut. It's as simple as that.

So far I have only tried a few of the products and all have been good, I look forward to trying out more. My job is to recommend products that will help your skin and get you into a good routine.

So if you are looking for a specific skincare or makeup product, please get in touch if you want advice or recommendations and check out my website. I can't wait to get started.


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