Dermalux LED Facials

Todays Blog is all about facials and a quick introduction into the Dermalux Flex. As you know I now offer LED Therapy along with facials.

What is LED Therapy?

LED is a non invasive treatment that uses photon energy to regenerate skin cells. The different wavelengths penetrate the skin at different levels.

Why have LED Facials?

The length of time it takes our skin cells to regenerate falls each year after the age of 20. 80% of premature ageing is environmental factors such as pollution, smoking, UVA/UVB rays etc. These environmental factors damage the skin so we need to balance it and repair the skin.

What do the different lights do?

Red light penetrates the Dermis and is good for rejuvenating skin, increasing hydration and improving signs of premature ageing.

Blue Light goes into the Epidermis layer of the skin and is used for acne prone skin and breakouts by destroying bacteria that causes Acne.

NIR penetrates the deepest layer of the skin and is known to calm redness, irritation and is good for sensitive skin.

Why Dermalux Flex?

Dermalux is the leading LED device on the market. The at home masks you can buy are not as powerful as Dermalux and it takes much longer to achieve the results anywhere close to Dermalux.

How many Treatments and how often?

This depends on you and what you want to achieve. Dermalux Flex can be added onto a Facial at the end for 20-30 minutes to get the most out of your facial as the LED light helps the skincare work faster and harder for you. It can also be a standalone treatment so you can apply your own skincare before and after a 20-30 minute treatment.

If you want to treat something like Acne, Anti Ageing, Rosacea etc then it is recommended to have a longer course of treatments. Anywhere from 4-12 sessions is recommended and you can have them daily, weekly or fortnightly or as when required. A short course is also great to get your skin ready for a special event such as a Wedding.

Please note that you will have to have a skincare routine in place to go along with any facial as you will only get the best out of it if you are already using skincare products. The more you do the more you will benefit from Dermalux and any facial treatments.

LED Therapy isn't suitable for everyone, there are some contraindications, for example:


Going through Chemotherapy or Cancer treatment

Eye conditions such as Glaucoma, laser eye surgery, cataracts

Light Induced Headaches

Epilepsy/Seizures triggered by light


Roaccutane Medication

I am offering £5 off Dermalux Facials for the month of January.

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