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Wedding Skincare Prep

Skin prep for your Wedding Day is so important, it really does affect how the makeup applies and looks. Although, I always tell Brides to be not have facials or change their current routines too close to the wedding date.

I advise to start your skincare journey as far in advance as possible. Most Brides book their weddings about a year in advance, so that's when to start a good skincare routine.

If your wedding is coming and you don't have much time, I recommend to concentrate on hydration and gentle exfoliation (plus drinking lots of water). Whenever you try out a new product, do it well in advance and only introduce one new product at a time so if you have any reactions you can pinpoint what it is.

My Brides who have booked directly receive a guide on skincare and my personal recommendations. One of the Brides who really took this advice on board was beautiful Frankie. As you can see the makeup is absolutely flawless, the skincare routine Frankie put in place really helped with the makeup application.

For Brides shorter on time, these are my favourite products for hydration and exfoliation.

Vichy Mineral Hydrating Serum (use code LFTFHANIA for 20% off)

Rainforest Dew and Vichy Mineral serum are great for adding hydration, apply before moisturiser.

Elixir is great for really dry skin, use at night a few days a week as either the last step or before moisturiser (I have dehydrated skin and find it works best before moisturiser for me personally). Also use it on your neck and décolletage.

The Body Shop Liquid Peel is a liquid exfoliator but gentle enough to use on sensitive skin (use once a week if you have sensitive skin).

Eye masks are soothing and perfect for applying on the day of your wedding (keep in the fridge for best results).

And don't forget your lips, especially in the colder months. Use a gentle scrub and lip balm (not Vaseline)!

The Tropic Deep Hydration mask is great to use the night before your Wedding and the Liquid Peel (don't rub your face hard with this product) I would use a few days before. Just make sure you have tried them out beforehand.

Facials are great for bridal prep, as long as you start them way in advance and go to a professional who will guide you on your skincare journey.


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