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Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

There is so much to think about planning a wedding and some extras you maybe hadn't considered.

Scottish Makeup Artist
Wedding Makeup Dumfries and Galloway

Wedding Makeup may not be on the top of your list but it is something that has a big impact on your photos. If you are spending a lot on a Wedding Photographer you may want to consider hiring a Makeup Artist. You aren't only getting a pretty makeover, a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist will use high quality makeup and skincare products.

A wedding is a long day and you want your Makeup to last the whole day. A professional will know what products and techniques to use for longer lasting results. If you have a Bridal Party of 5 you ideally want everyone in the party to have the same Makeup Artist if possible, or at least 2 with a similar style as you wan't everyone to have a similar theme as you would with their dresses. If you had 4 Bridesmaids and 1 decided to do their makeup themselves it may stand out in your wedding Photographs so it's something to think about.


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