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Wedding Photography

Thank you to Cameron of Hemera Visuals for providing this weeks guest blog with some useful tips and tricks when it comes to choosing your Wedding Photographer.

So that your wedding is the fairy tale you have always dreamed of, I have put together some wedding photography tips that may help you when you start planning your big day.

1. It's not unusual for wedding photographers to be booked one or even two years in advance. If you plan on having a wedding in the Summer or mainly on a Saturday, I would advise looking as soon as you have a venue booked. There are many different styles of photography out there — contemporary, reportage or classical. When booking your photographer for your wedding, make sure they are professional, accomplished and that they are the right fit for your big day.

2. When planning a winter wedding. I recommend having your ceremony as early as possible, allowing the photographer plenty of time to get some great natural light photos before the light fades (can be as soon as 4 o’clock in December.) Most of us also shoot with artificial light, but nothing beats excellent natural light!

3. Photography is one of the most significant investments on your wedding day after your venue. It’s a pivotal memory to your big day; many photographers have a lot of time and money invested in themselves to give you the best possible pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

4. Speak with the photographer before booking them. We are the person who is there from the start till the end of the day, and it's super important that personalities match, so we all have a fantastic time!

I hope this has given you some food for thought regarding your photography on your big day.

Hemera Visuals is a Dumfries based Wedding Photography company. Capturing your big day beautiful, boldly, together!📷


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