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Real Wedding Springkell House

Weddings are well and truly back!! It has been non stop the past few months catching up with pre covid weddings and it's lovely to see them back. Here are some fab photos from a real wedding at Springkell in March.

Beautiful Megan finally got her special day in March 2022. As you can see Megan was well and truly happy the day arrived. There were also a lot of happy tears (and I can safely say the makeup survived all day and night even through the happy tears).

I see a lot of emotion at weddings, especially when it comes to the first looks with Dads. Often it's after the makeup is applied, that's why I stay until the very end right before the ceremony so I can do any last minute touch ups if required. I never leave early and make sure Brides are good to go down that Aisle with makeup perfectly in tact.

I also advise Brides not to rub the makeup after they have cried, they need to dab lightly to make sure it stays in place and they don't disturb it.

Shout out to all the great suppliers.

Images David Yule Photography

Venue Springkell House


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