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Dealing with Maskne

One of the things we all need to get used to now is wearing a mask. Here are some tips for dealing with Maskne.

Firstly, before we even get into skincare products we need to choose the right kind of face mask to wear. Look for a natural fabric such as cotton (double thickness).

Secondly, make sure when you are washing your face mask you are using biological free products, look for washing powders that are unfragranced and specifically for delicates.

Before you put your mask on cleanse, tone then use a moisturiser or some kind of barrier cream. You want a creamy cleanser that doesn't foam so the Tropic Smoothing Cleanser is perfect and use a natural cloth like the Bamboo Cloth (again make sure you wash this using the same biological free powder). For breakout prone skin follow your cleanse and tone with Pure Lagoon before Moisturiser.

At night (or at the end of your shift) make sure you cleanse immediately after taking your mask off. Double cleanse using the Smoothing Cleanser then Clear Skies. Follow with Tropic Pure Lagoon and use the Clear Skin Face Mask weekly for skin prone to breakouts or Deep Hydration Face Mask for dry skin.

For Sensitive skin opt for the unscented option of the Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser.


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