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Planning your Dream Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement. Do you have a wedding date set yet? Have you chosen a dress? What about a wedding venue? What food will you serve? These are just a few questions that can make you panic and feel like you have not prepared enough for your wedding. Just like many other newly engaged couples, you are not alone.

To achieve the perfect wedding, it not only calls for planning, but it also demands effort right from the start. It means you have to plan everything in detail, sacrifice a lot and learn simple hacks that others use in planning.

If big tasks and assignments always scare you, you might want to make wedding preparations one year in advance. It can have a huge impact and help you have everything in order. Every girl has their dream wedding, but achieving it is easier said than done. However, there’s no need to worry. You can read on to make it happen.


Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming and tedious process. But the good thing is, nowadays, people are getting better without putting in much work. From using high-end wedding apps to hiring the right wedding planners to outsourcing services from companies.

The first thing you need to do is select a wedding date and choose a romantic wedding venue early enough to avoid the last-minute rush.

When choosing a date, think of what season will be perfect, and which months are cheap to have a wedding. It can save you money. However, you first need to find the venue and check for available dates to decide on yours.

You can never be too sure of who will pop up at your wedding. Probably an old friend from high school or someone you dated a few years back. If you want your wedding to be exclusive, make a guest list that matches the capacity of the wedding venue and ensure you send out invitations.


It would help if you also were selective about the people who will provide specific services at your wedding. If you want to get the most out of it, research on a few officiates, photographers and caterers. Conduct interview sessions to select the best.

Today, making such decisions has become much more comfortable, especially with the help of social media. For instance, you may post on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page saying you are looking for the best caterer in a particular region. If you have loyal followers, they can suggest some well-known caterers, but you will have to conduct an in-person interview to evaluate and select the right one.

A picture is worth a thousand words; for this, you need to have a perfect wedding photographer. Conduct interviews with various photographers, and discuss the style of photography you want. You can ask to see their recent work to help you in picking the right one.

It’s a good idea to start at the very beginning of your special day, organising the transport that will take you and your guests from venue to venue. Luxury coach hire is the best option to explore if you need to move a large number of people, but you’ll want something a little more exquisite like a classic car to take you and your partner around. Take your time to search around for the most reliable supplier, as you don’t want to experience any mishaps on such an important occasion. Finding a caterer is an essential step of your wedding plans, but it needn’t be as difficult as you might expect.

Most wedding venues will have a bar staff ready to offer services. Also, some caterers may have waiters and waitresses already in place. Suppose you don’t get any of this, it means you have the extra work of choosing people to provide those services. One trick that works is estimating the number of guests for your wedding and using a 1:50 ratio. That is one waiter or bartender to serve fifty guests.

You’ll likely want to plan some kind of party to finish your wedding with a bang, so find a DJ or band that can provide some music to get your guests up and dancing. Always take the time to watch a few videos before you decide on a DJ or band, as you don’t want to wait until your special day to realise that their sound system is of a poor quality or any other potential mishap. Make sure that your venue can accommodate a kind of dance floor space, otherwise your guests will be forced to move around tables and chairs or enjoy the music from their table which can detract from the overall atmosphere.

All of the above ways are relatively easy to follow without experiencing many challenges. Ensure to use them if you want an unforgettable wedding.


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