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Bridal Previews

A question I get asked a lot is whether a Bride should have a preview or not. Although it is not essential, I do highly recommend a Preview.

A preview allows us to create a look that you have envisioned for your Wedding Day. This can also help you decide if the look you had in mind works for you. I ask Brides to have photos of styles they like (only about 2 or 3 as too many can be conflicting and often confusing if they are completely different styles).

I do highly recommend sticking to a style of Makeup that you are used to and comfortable with. If red lip and winged liner are your thing then go for that with a more polished look, if minimum makuep is your look then again, keep it minimum. Your Wedding Day isn't the day to try a completely new look, your photos will last for ever and you want to look at them and recognise yourself.

The majority of the Images I am shown are from Pinterest (which I love) but more often than not these images are heavily edited. This is something to keep in mind when looking through Pinterest for inspiration.

Below is a selection of my Brides who had a Preview before their Wedding Day.

Another advantage of having a preview is having the opportunity to try false lashes prior to your Special Day. As my style is more natural, my Brides often haven't tried false lashes and can be apprehensive about them.

I always think it is a better idea to try false lashes for the first time at the Preview, then on the day if you decide it's not for you then we just don't do them. I find It's easier (and safer due to possible unknown allergies to latex glue etc).

I personally am not a fan of lash extensions etc in the run up to the wedding day. This obviously depends on the type and place where they are done. It can be difficult to work around extensions, especially if they are really long, they often get in the way of doing eye makeup and can make it harder to do eyeliner etc at the roots of the lashes. I would recommend going for false lashes on the day and leave the extensions for after (often Brides like to have them done for going on Honeymoon).

A preview is also a great chance to discuss any issues you have with your skin, allergies etc. I offer all my Brides a skincare document with some great tips and hints for getting skin prepped for the day. At a Preview we can go over any areas of concern you may have.

Finally, a Preview is a great way for us to get to know eachother. I will be spending the whole morning with you on the most special day of your life, you need to feel comfortable and at ease with me and happy to have me there with you all.

Often my Brides come from all over the World and don't usually arrive at the Venue until the day or 2 before, so it isn't always possible to have a Preview. In this case I always ensure that Brides have checked out my work and my style to ensure it suits them.


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