Edinburgh Wedding Shoot
Biscuit Factory Edinburgh

Your wedding photos will last a lifetime and you want your look to be timeless and classic.  

My style of makeup is natural.  My job as a Wedding Makeup Artist is to enhance your natural beauty.


I only take on parties of 4 or less so I don't have to rush anyone. 


I won't mask you in heavy makeup so that you look like a completely different person.


 I want to bring out your features so that you feel and look amazing and recognise yourself when you look in the mirror.

I am lucky enough to visit many beautiful venues across Scotland, Venues I have visited include

Kinmount House

Springkell House

Traquir House

GGs Yard

Aikwood Tower

Auchen Castle

Glencoe House

Kings House Hotel Glencoe

Branxholme Park

Isles of Glencoe Hotel

Mabie House Hotel

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