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Why Hire a Professional?

You know the saying "If you think it's expensive hiring a professional, try hiring an amateur" Let's talk about that.

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Recently I have seen an increase in desperate Brides looking for a Makeup Artist for their wedding as theirs hasn't turned up. Weddings are stressful, there is no denying that. There's so much to think about and sort, and to have your Makeup Artist not turn up on the day is just something you do not need!

Now don't get me wrong, things happen, circumstances can be out of their control but all the distressed Brides I have come across recently, the Artist just didn't turn up. So here are some warning signs to look out for.

Firstly, did you pay a deposit? Did the Makeup Artist ask for one? If the answer is no then I would wonder why. You pay a deposit for your venue, dress, cake, band etc, so why not your Makeup Artist? In my opinion, not asking for a deposit could be a sign of lack of confidence in their work. Now I say this because I can relate to this, when I first started doing weddings I would never ask for a deposit (I also have never let a Bride down). I didn't feel confident enough in my work to ask for one. Now I don't secure a Wedding without a 30% deposit. Without a deposit you are risking the Artist getting a bigger booking and just taking that on.

Did you have a contract with your Makeup Artist? I always send Brides a contract with details like the deposit due, the final amount due and the timescales. The date and time of ceremony, and most importantly details of what you are entitled to regarding cancellation and deposits.

A big warning sign for me would be radio silence from the Artist. I always touch base with Brides in the run up to their Wedding or Trial. A simple email or message just to confirm times, places and numbers etc. If your Artist keeps in touch with you in the days before the wedding then if something unavoidable happens then there would be time to find a replacement. I am lucky enough to know some great Makeup Artists who I could rely on if the unthinkable happened. I am in some good Makeup Artist groups where we can all help each other out. If you haven't heard from your Artist a few days before your wedding then get in touch with them. If they ghost you then alarm bells should start to ring.

I don't want to sound all doom and gloom and life happens, the unavoidable happens, I am not saying every artist who doesn't take deposits is going to let you down or isn't a professional. These are just some warning signs for you to be on the lookout for and this is relevant all across the Wedding sector, not just for Makeup Artists.


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