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Sustainable Beauty

I love receiving a new makeup delivery, but I hate all the waste. So much of it is in prettly bottles but most of them just end up in landfill. Look Fantastic are now offering a FREE recycle scheme. Here's how it works.

Round up all of your beauty empties to mail back to Look Fantastic via Hermes or Inpost. We accept plastic packaging from all hard-to-recycle beauty products, such as skincare, hair and makeup packaging. Please try to send as many products as you can to help keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

After following the steps online to find your nearest InPost locker, simply drop off your box of products and we’ll do the rest. If possible, please reuse the same box your original order arrived in to reduce waste.

By using recycle:me, your old beauty packaging will be given a new lease of life. Returned plastic is repurposed into materials that can be used to benefit our communities, like furniture, playground equipment or refugee shelters.

Items accepted are;

* Plastic bottles or tubes, such as foundation, shampoo and conditioner

* Lip products, including lip gloss and lipstick

* Eye and Brow products, including compacts, mascara wands and liquid or retractable plastic liners

* Plastic makeup brushes

* Other plastic makeup packaging, such as pumps and caps

Items not accepted are;

* Glass bottles or mirrors (but these can be recycled by local council schemes)

* We are unable to accept products made from metal

* Please do not return general waste

* Other items, such as electronic products

What happens to the items?

Once we receive your empty plastics, we’ll sort them in our warehouse and they'll be collected by our recycling partner StormBoard.

Your plastics will then be melted down and pressed into a 100% recycled board.

This will be repurposed into enduring, long-lasting materials to support social projects, including the creation of sustainable furniture, playground equipment and refugee shelters.

Please click here for more information.


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