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New Decade New Introduction

I thought I would take this time to introduce myself and let you know a bit more about myself, seeing as it's a new Decade! (Please note that the photo below isn't what I usually look like day to day lol, I very rarely wear makeup myself ;)

My name is Hania McIntyre and I live near Moffat in Dumfries and Galloway. I live with my husband, 9 year old son and crazy dog (who you have likely seen on my Instagram posts or met in person if you have ever been to my home studio for a Preview).

I studied Business Management in 2000 and I wanted to work in Human Resources. When I finished my Degree, I got a job with the NHS in the HR Department as an Admin Assistant, and realised then that HR wasn't for me. I then got a job in Health and Safety at the Council which I really enjoyed, but I left in 2010 to go on Maternity leave.

It was when I was on Maternity Leave that I had this idea of opening a Boutique. I have always loved styling outfits and I wanted to offer something a bit different to the usual High Street Shops. I found a cute wee space in Carlisle and went to Pure London (a large Fashion Trade Show) and chose some select Brands to work with. I wanted to bring Brands that weren't available locally and that were loved by Celebrities but also affordable. This photo was from a Photoshoot I organised to promote the clothing on my website.

Sadly after 2 years I had to close the shop, the foot fall just wasnt enough. I did try to keep it going online for another few years but again this didn't work. It affected my confidence a lot, but I now see it was a blessing as I wouldn't be doing what I do now if it had worked out.

In 2015 I found myself trying to get back into Admin work but this was difficult as I had been self employed for the past 5 years. Then randomly a friend asked me about doing her makeup trial (I had no training in Makeup, I just had some makeup I used myself). And even though I knew nothing about makeup really (apart from how to apply my own) I found that I really enjoyed doing it. It got me thinking that maybe I could do this. I spoke to my Cousin who is a Makeup Artist in Glasgow and decided to go for it.

I knew I didn't want to study beauty therapy as I had no interest in nails, waxing etc, I just wanted to do makeup so I researched and came across the Academy of Makeup Scotland in Glasgow and signed up to their Introduction to Makeup Artistry course. I absolutely loved it and that's how it all started.


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