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Makeup Room

My wee makeup room is almost finished! After about 2 years of wanting to turn this small space into a Makeup room it has finally happened.

Makeup Studio Moffat
Makeup Artist Dumfries and Galloway

I have always wanted to have my own space for trials and occasion makeup. I currently have to hold trials in my kitchen, which is a good size but it's not ideal. I also wanted to offer 1-2-1 Makeup Lessons here but again the only space to do so was in the kitchen.

The space I used is actually a large cupboard/storage space. It has always been used as a bit of a dumping ground and feels like such a waste of space. 2 years ago I decided it would be ideal to convert but I never done anything about it. I can't believe it started out looking like this!

As you can see it was a bit of a mess! Finally in December 2018 I decided it was the right time to convert it as I was now offering lessons and decided I needed a space to hold them. Work started slowly and at the end of March it was looking like this...

Then at the start of April it just started to fall into place. I had to get help in as it just wasn't progressing so I managed to get a local Handyman who finished off plastering, painted and decorated and even converted my old drawer unit (to cover the electricity meter) into a work of art.

I originally wanted all white walls but once the white lining paper was up and the ceiling painted white I noticed that it was a bit too much, and the furniture I wanted was white so I decided to add some colour. I opted for a soft pink on one wall and a white/grey on the rest and I think they go lovely together. The chandelier was a bit of a nightmare to put together but it was worth it.

On Friday the decorating was complete and on Saturday I went to Ikea and picked up the Malm Dressing Table and Lack Shelves that just finish the room nicely. There's still a few finishing touches to be done but I am more than happy with the outcome.

Originally I was keeping the wooden flooring but now that the rest is finished I feel a carpet would be much nicer (and help with the echo in the room caused by the high ceiling). The original door has been taken off and will be replaced with a glass door to make sure the room doesn't feel too claustrophobic due to it being so small. The light will also flood in from the door. And a few photos on the walls and it will be good to go.


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