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Kit Hygiene Part 2

As previously mentioned, kit hygiene is extremely important, even more so now. I have been concerned about how to go forward as lockdown starts to ease, thankfully I have seen some great advice from fellow Makeup Artists and I feel much more confident about starting work again when the time is right.

Obviously I won't be going back to work until it is safe to do so, even as lockdown eases I will only be going to work if I feel 100% safe to do so. In the meantime I am working on some ways I can get ready to go back.

First thing is deep cleaning my whole makeup kit as well as my Kit bags and chair. Anyone who knows me knows how serious I have always taken kit hygiene, I have looked after my kit and cleaned it thoroughly before Covid 19 so thankfully I am confident my kit is hygienic. I will just be taking a few extra steps to ensure my Makeup area and kit are as safe as possible.

I always use a clean set of brushes for each client and spray my powders with IPA in between clients so this will continue. All my cream products will be decanted onto a sanitised palette as usual.

The extra steps I will be taking are the ones likely to have more of an effect on how I do things. I already take my time and have minimised the numbers of parties I can do, but going forward this is going to be even less. I currently take on a maximum of 4 that I can do myself and up to 6 or 8 with an Assistant. Going forward I won't be able to bring an assistant along so I have to limit the numbers to 2 at the moment.

I will be investing in masks and visors as well as some kind of disposable overall. I won't be wearing gloves unless I change for each client but I already wash my hands and sanitise them between clients so I will be continuing to do this. I feel this is more effective than wearing gloves, and I will be using brushes and disposables to apply skincare as well as makeup.

I am also working on disclaimers specific to Covid 19 to be sent along with contracts for Brides to complete. For my July and August Brides I will be sending these out so keep an eye out for an email.

This is all ever changing and I will obviously be taking guidance from the Government. I just want to reassure Brides that I will be practicing the highest standard of hygiene that I always have as well as a few extra measures in place to keep us all safe.

If anyone booked in has any questions or concerns about their wedding day please get in touch.


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