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Kit Hygiene Part 1

Anyone who knows me will know how much I go on about the importance of kit hygiene. I have always been very strict about my kit hygiene.

When I studied Makeup Artistry one of the first things we were taught was keeping our kit clean and hygienic and this has stuck with me ever since. Sadly I see some Makeup Artists not adhering to strict kit hygiene practices and this is worrying, even more so now with the current situation regarding Covid 19.

What do I mean when I talk about kit hygiene? Ok, first thing is cross contamination. The worst culprit is mascara and cream products. Have you ever seen a Makeup Artist use the wand direct from the mascara tube onto a client, then dip the wand back into the tube and then reuse this on the other eye or worse still, another client? Well this is a big no no!! Unless you are gifting the mascara to the client you MUST NOT double dip the wand under no circumstances. Do you know how easily you can pass on some kind of infection, such as pink eye, doing this.

Now onto cream products. If you are applying moisturiser to a client, you must use either a sanitised spatula or something similar to decant the product. Never, ever, dip your fingers in to pick up any kind of cream product. As for applicators like those on Nars Creamy Concealer (the sponge applicator) you must not put that directly onto a client, you need to put it onto either your sanitised hand or a palette.

I never spot clean brushes between clients, I have grown my brush collection so that I have enough sets to use for up to 8 clients. Don't get me wrong, there are products that are designed to clean brushes in between but I just don't take the risk, and especially now I just wouldn't even risk it. I know it sounds alot but you don't have to spend a fortune on makeup brushes, there are some very affordable sets available.

I personally don't use Beauty Blenders on clients (again I know they can be cleaned but I have heard different opinions on how they harbour bacteria so I just won't risk it, I use disposable ones from Crown Brush that are latex free and £2.99 for 8).

As I mentioned before, I have seen Makeup Artists not adhere to any of these practices, but it doesn't mean they are deliberately doing it, they maybe haven't been taught in depth about kit hygiene or not aware of the importance of it. I'm not about calling other Artists out and I am not having a go at anyone, I just feel that now more than ever we need to ensure going forward we are all more aware of the importance of kit hygiene.


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