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Keep Calm and Carry On?

During this awful time, is it possible to even carry on as normal? Nothing is like it used to be and things have changed so much. How are you all coping with this pandemic?

For the first few weeks I was trying to carry on as normal. I knew this pandemic was bad obviously, but until I seen the figures rise so high over the past few days, it has really hit home.

In all honesty, I feel helpless, I am trying to think of ways to help in any way I can. What I have noticed though, playing with makeup and doing videos and tutorials helps me, for that short time I am trying a new makeup look or doing a video, I feel at ease, I enjoy it, it helps to put my mind at ease for a short time. At first I started to feel selfish, with everything going on and I'm sitting at home taking selfies and applying makeup, but it's now hit me that this is actually helping me deal with things.

So whatever it is that makes you happy during this time, spend time doing it. Whether its painting, drawing, baking, practicing curling your own hair, writing a poem, having a laugh on Tik Tok, whatever it is take some time out and look after your mental health too. I am always here for anyone who needs to talk, even if it's just to say hello, I can always be contacted. Stay safe everyone.


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