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Eco Friendly Kit

I am trying my hardest to be more eco friendly. As a Makeup Artist it’s difficult as we need to use so many disposable items due to hygiene reasons (mascara wands are the most used disposable item for me) So I have ordered these Bdellium Tools Mascara Fan Brushes to start replacing the wands. 

Eco Friendly Makeup Kit

I don’t actually use facial wipes for cleansing but I find that it’s easier and quicker to use them for tidying up fall out etc so I bought these Biodegradable ones (although I paid over £3 in Boots only to see them in Superdrug for £1.75 later on) I buy the Muji cotton bud refills (although I don’t understand the unnecessary plastic wrap they come in).


I am also looking to go 100% cruelty free. A few of the brands I have been using sadly don’t come under that category (MAC and NARS I’m looking at you)  Thankfully Charlotte Tilbury is and I use mostly her products anyway. 

It’s just a small step and I know I’m not going to change the world.


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