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Choosing an Engagement Ring

One thing that is more important to some than the actual engagement itself is the ring you choose to propose with. Getting engaged is one of the more important moments in your life, other than the wedding itself.

You are showing your commitment and making sure it is special, and getting everything right is crucial to make it a happy event.

Getting the right ring is important, so taking some time to research and look into it will make it a lot less stressful for you and make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch. If you need help choosing your ring, then here are a few tips that may help you choose the right engagement ring.

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Ask for help

One of the first things to consider is whether you want this engagement to be a surprise or something you do together. Some people will propose without a ring or a temporary ring; this will then allow your partner to have an input and help buy the ring together.

Not everyone is a fan of this, but it will help to make sure you are getting the right ring, and both parties are happy.

Research rings

It is best to do some research prior to buying a ring, that way, you will know what sort of cost you will need to save so you can get the ring you want to get and not the ring you have to settle for.

When researching costs and what rings you like, it is also a good idea to research what stones you would like in the ring and the clarity. This can be done by looking into VVS diamonds, which is a guide to help you with the clarity of the diamonds you are looking at.

Doing this research helps knowing the cost as clarity affects prices, and if you go down the road of picking a diamond to be set in a ring, you can make sure you get the best you can.

Get size right

One thing that is important to consider is getting the right ring size, the last thing you want is to be on one knee, and the ring won’t slide on the finger or won’t even stay on it.

Getting ring size can be hard without making your partner aware of what is going on; your best option is to find a ring you know fits her and taking that to the jewelers to have the one you want compared and sized correctly. If you cannot get a ring they already have, then try a sibling or friend who may have the same size to get a comparison.

If you do get the sizing wrong, it is not the end of the world as you can have the ring made bigger or smaller, but getting it right, so it slides on the finger at the time of asking is always preferred. 

If you are looking to propose and you are unsure of what ring to get or how to get the right ring then hopefully, these tips will help you prepare and make sure you are getting the best ring for the occasion.


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