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Autumn Wedding Hair

During the summer the sun, sea salt and chlorine from swimming pools punish our hair, especially if we colour our hair regularly. The arrival of the autumn/winter season can aggravate the hair.

Photo: Unsplash

Therefore, the ideal scenario is to repair the hair in autumn to face the new season with healthy locks. One of the first symptoms of the arrival of autumn in our body is hair loss, which begins around September. The days are getting shorter and the hours of sunshine are starting to get less, which means less vitamin D for our hair.

If you are planning an autumn/winter winter, you still want your hair to look shiny and luscious, and it can. In addition, the cold and the wind favour frizz and dryness of the scalp, which translates into a dull, rough-textured mane.

If we do not apply special care, the hair may suffer during the winter with the use of heated styling tools and styling products. In addition, the use of hats and the contrast between the cold outside and the heating of the interior spaces can cause the dreaded frizz, as well as the hateful effect of static electricity which means our hair can look quite messy. When really what we want!

Here are some tips to help achieve lovely winter locks,

Activate circulation: When you wash your hair, remember to gently massage the scalp with your fingertips to dilate the capillaries and ensure that the nutrients reach the roots of the hair. This way you also promote hair growth. Use natural bristle brushes that, in addition to respecting the hair more than traditional ones, also activate circulation.

Take care of your diet: The products and treatments that we apply on a topical level will be of no use if we do not take care of our diet in terms of vitamins and minerals . You should know that vitamin B makes our hair more resistant, while minerals such as iron, iodine, magnesium and silicon contribute to its good appearance.

On the other hand, it is essential to maintain correct hydration (something that in autumn should not be complicated) and consume the appropriate level of protein to achieve strong and shiny hair. Likewise, there are food supplements that can be beneficial at this time to restore the health of the hair, such as beer yeast or wheat germ.

Use good products: You can buy hair care products online and see what is available for your hair type. 

Reduce the use of heating devices: Avoid the use of dryers, curlers and irons as much as possible and, if you cannot avoid it, do it with the minimum temperature and exposure time so as not to damage the hair structure. Make the most of sunny days to air dry your hair and avoid exposing your wet hair to the cold in any situation. In addition, whenever you are going to use dryers, irons or stylers, you should use a heat protection product to prevent damage.


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