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Autumn Beauty Routine

In the summer, skincare is easy. We’re naturally sun-kissed, swapping heavier foundation for BB creams and tinted moisturisers and all we have to worry about is layering on the sunscreen. In summer, most of us glow no matter what our skin type.


As the weather starts to turn, things can become more difficult. When the temperature drops, our skin dries out and struggles to make its own healthy oils. Our hair dries and breaks, our nails chip and a lack of sun means that we can quickly start to look sallow and grey. 

In the autumn, we want to wear more makeup to cover breakouts and add some colour to our cheeks, but we don’t want to risk drying our skin further or clogging up our pores. Here are some tips to help you to perfect your autumn skincare routine. 

Prioritise Moisturising

Colder temperatures, less vitamin D and harsh winds all contribute to a lack of moisture, and our skin can quickly start to suffer. You may already be noticing flakes and dryness, especially around problem areas. Even oily skin can dry out at this time of the year. 

Your moisturiser becomes much more important when it’s cold, so use a thicker formula, and make sure you apply not only to your face but to the rest of your body as well. Use a day and night cream on your face, and a moisturiser with added vitamin E after your daily shower. 

Change Your Shades

Your skin tone doesn’t stay the same all year round, which might mean that you need to change your makeup accordingly. You may need some lighter shades, especially of foundation and concealer, if your skin is paler in the autumn.


Experiment with a Bold Look

Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with bold new colours and styles. You might be stuck in jumpers and boots for the foreseeable future, and once all of the autumnal colours and the last few rays of summer have passed, the season can be dull and grey. So, have fun with makeup instead. Try bold lipsticks that you wouldn’t usually buy, add some drama to your eye makeup or try a new hair colour. 

If you aren’t sure and don’t want to spend a lot of money on makeup that you worry might not suit you, get some beauty samples, so that you can try things out before committing to full-size, and full-price products. 

Show Particular Care to Your Lips and Hands

Our hands can become very dry in the wintertime. If they get very cold outside and then warm up quickly when you get in, your skin can easily become damaged and chapped. Same goes for your lips. Blood doesn’t pump around them as easily, and they can become sore and chapped. 

Apply a moisturising lip balm before any colours, and make sure you use an intense moisturiser at night before bed. At the moment, you might be washing and sanitising your hands more frequently than usual, so make sure you are using gentle and moisturising products.


Moisturising is fantastic, but the best way to hydrate is to drink more water. Try to drink a glass of water with meals, and carry a bottle with you so that you can sip through the day. Try to limit alcohol and fizzy drinks, which can cause breakouts.  

Keep Applying the SPF

Once the hot weather has passed, you might think that you no longer need to wear sunscreen. But, even on cold days, the sun's rays can cause damage to your skin. You may not burn, but that doesn’t mean that the UV rays aren’t doing other kinds of harm.


Enjoy Autumn Produce

Drinking water is excellent for your skin. So is eating fruit and veg that have a high water content, and are filled with vitamins and minerals. These will boost your immunity as well as improving your skin tone and health.

The good news is, autumn is harvest time. There are more fresh, seasonal products available than at any other time of the year. Even better, by eating seasonal foods, you are helping to support local businesses, which is more important than ever right now. 

Your autumn skincare routine should start with care. Having fun with makeup and colour is great, and always a fantastic way to lift your mood. But, start by taking care of your skin and giving it everything that it needs to stay healthy and fresh this autumn. 


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