Pinterest Inspo, The Good and the Bad

Who doesn't love Pinterest! I am always looking on it for inspiration for my home. It's so easy to make moodboards and I often use it for inspiration when I'm organising a photoshoot.

There are drawbacks though! When it comes to inspo for weddings the first port of call is often Pinterest. I always ask Brides to send me photos of hair and makeup they like prior to their trial/wedding.

I have lost count the number of times I have been sent this exact photo (I am not alone, I know a number of Makeup Artists who see this photo too).

** Please note this photo is not mine and is from Pinterest**

A few things to point out here, firstly how we interpret natural makeup. Lots of Brides to be say that they like natural makeup like this photo (I personally don't think this look is natural at all, but some people would do, so it depends what you think is natural).

Secondly, the photo is highly filtered (the makeup is obviously beautiful as is the model, but there is definitely a filter on it).

Third, take into account your eye shape, face shape, colour of eyes, colour of hair etc. All these things will determine how a look will suit you. If this is your inspo photo, do you have the same colour of hair, eyes, skin tone. Are your eyes the same shape?

I always ask Brides to look at my portfolio and pick inspo photos from that too as it helps to get a better idea of what look they are going for (my photos are never filtered so you see how it looks on real skin on real people). We all have texture people!!!!!!! The below photo is my interpretation of natural makeup on a real person, completely unfiltered (as it should be).

So, what I am saying is Pinterest is great for inspo, but try to keep it real and look at photos of your chosen artist's portfolio too.

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