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I have struggled to write my blog over the past few weeks. I couldn't think of anything to write about.

I now feel that I have a bit more of a routine at home. I have been keeping busy practicing hair and I have also started doing more videos. I am regularly on Instagram doing Live Videos so feel free to join me. My Instagram is

You can find my recent Youtube videos on my channel

I have managed to reschedule all my April and May weddings so far and temporarily closed my 2021 Diary for another month to see where we are at for June and July Weddings. I want to ensure that my Brides affected by this have priority to 2021 dates in the case they have to reschedule.

I managed to fit in 3 photoshoots in February and March so I have lots of work to share. I look forward to seeing all my Brides when this is all over.

Stay safe everyone.


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