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Guest Blog Wooden Cinema Films

This weeks blog is with Dan Wright from Wooden Cinema Films. Check Dan's website for all your cinematic wedding needs.

1. What is a cinematic wedding film?

Instead of pointing a camera at subjects all day and documenting what is happening in front of the lens, I look to utilise real visual storytelling through composition of the shots and making use of natural lighting and reflections in a creative manner.

I also pay attention to any spoken words through the day and try tell the story of the couple and their day when composing their final short film.

That for me is cinematic, it is a term that is very overused these days but I look to draw inspiration from high end motion cinema for my wedding films to create my style.

2. Do you also offer Wedding Photography?

My background is in stills photography and I do this commercially. For weddings, I have been looking to branch out to offer photography more recently and can also accommodate for a hybrid of photography and video. I also offer engagement photography sessions.

Despite this I am not looking to step on the established wedding photographers toes as I am of course a filmmaker, however I offer this to keep my skills sharp and change up the work I am producing from time to time.

3. Can I choose the music for the film?

I’d love to be able to let couples choose their own music for their wedding film however it is not always possible to obtain the necessary licence in order to use the soundtracks.

Instead I get a feeling for the kind of music couples enjoy and search the libraries I have access to for music that matches the couple’s vibes as well as the feeling I get from the wedding day itself.

I find that couples are more than happy for me to use my best judgement and they always comment that they love the music in their films!

4. How long does it usually take to receive the film?

At peak wedding season I allow up to 5 months after the wedding date however on average films are turned around within 1-2 months.

5. Do you stay the whole day?

Yes, my coverage for both film packages I offer is for a full day - roughly 10 hours and would be from morning preparations through until third dance at evening reception.

6. Do you do destination weddings?

I have yet to do a destination wedding but I certainly wouldn’t say no! Let us know of your plans and we can work something out :)

7. Would you meet the couple before the wedding Day?

Yes, where possible I always try at some point to meet couples prior to the wedding day. I love to treat my couples to a coffee on me and chat about their arrangements for the day as well as just getting to know them better - that way I am no longer a complete stranger turning up with a camera on the wedding day!


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