Co-working in a Bright Office


Running a successful Wedding Makeup/Hair Artist business is more than just providing a pretty makeover!  So many Artists struggle when it comes to the business side of things.  


Are you attracting your ideal client?  Do you want a more balanced work/life?  Whether you are at the start of your journey or have been an Artist for many years, if you feel you are struggling with the Business side I can help.  

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My Story

I have been a Bridal Makeup Artist for 7 years and over those years spent a lot of time researching and investing in my Business.  I built my business successfully by putting in the work and effort to the business side of things.

I see so many new Makeup Artists starting out struggling to get their name out there and making the same mistakes I made when I first started out.  From pricing yourself right to using Social Media for your Business I can help you get to grips with them and point you in the right direction.


Choose from a 1-2-1 with me to go over any areas you are struggling with or sign up for my Modules covering the 3 main factors in building a successful Bridal Makeup/Hair Artist Business, Pricing, Social Media and Marketing.  


Contact me for more information and pricing.

07912 644630